Radio Srood

Radio Srood


Şimdi çalıyor:


Massih Ahmadzay - Nazoona


Massih Ahmadzay 1621003476
Farhad Darya - Paare Darya

Paare Darya

Farhad Darya 1621002552
Sadriddin - Khanaye Eshq

Khanaye Eshq

Sadriddin 1621002290
Ahmad Walid - Guldana


Ahmad Walid 1621002073
Latif Nangarhari - دلبر جان

دلبر جان

Latif Nangarhari 1621001881
Badel Safi - Ay Negare Man

Ay Negare Man

Badel Safi 1621001517
Qais Ulfat - Agar Eshq Nabod

Agar Eshq Nabod

Qais Ulfat 1621001348
Seeta Qasemie - Watandar


Seeta Qasemie 1621001089
Salma Jahani - Rahe Jahani Chadar

Rahe Jahani Chadar

Salma Jahani 1621000827
Firuza Hafizova - Firuza Man

Firuza Man

Firuza Hafizova 1621000659

Radio Srood Hakkında

Radio Srood app is an internet radio station streaming live Afghan 
music 24/7 with high-quality music on your phone. Download our free 
Android app and enjoy listening to the latest Afghan music wherever 
you go in the world.


+ Music - Now you can listen to the latest Afghan music on the go
+ Offline Music - Now you can download music and listen offline 
without internet connections.
+ PamirTV - Watch Pamir TV live on RS app

Stay tuned, we are still developing the app and we promise we will add 
more features in the coming days.

We hope you enjoy our Android app. Please contact us if you have any 
suggestions or in case you had any difficulty using our app. We will 
appreciate your feedback.

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