Under the Influence with Terry O'Reilly by Apostrophe Podcast Network

Under the Influence with Terry O'Reilly

Under the Influence gives listeners a rare backstage pass into the hallways, boardrooms and recording studios of the ad industry.Join host and adman Terry O’Reilly for fascinating (and humorous) stories that connect the dots between pop culture, marketing and human nature.

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Radyo: CBLA-FM CBC Radio One Toronto
Kategori: Toplum & Kültür
  • 563 
    - S11E03 - Long Overdue: The Creative Boom of Library Marketing
    Sat, 22 Jan 2022
  • 562 
    - S11E02 - Perry Mason Moments: The Most Unexpected Ads of 2021
    Sat, 15 Jan 2022
  • 561 
    - S11E01 - Number Fever: Surprising Stories of Bottle Cap Marketing
    Sat, 08 Jan 2022
  • 560 
    - S7E11 (Archive) - Brands Are People, Too: Products Named After Inventors
    Sun, 22 Dec 2019
  • 559 
    - S7E10 (Archive) - Worthless To Priceless
    Sun, 22 Dec 2019
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