Interview with Andrew Denton by Legacy Media

Interview with Andrew Denton

Two people, two chairs, one conversation, no gimmicks. Known for his unique, honest and sometimes comedic interview technique, Andrew Denton gets under the guard of amazing human beings, finding out who they are away from the headlines. This podcast, a companion to the TV series, features plenty of material we couldn’t get to air and behind the scenes insights into Andrew’s motivation and approach.

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  • 36 
    - Julie Bishop
    Wed, 14 Aug 2019
  • 35 
    - Neil & Liam Finn
    Mon, 12 Aug 2019
  • 34 
    - Jess Mauboy
    Wed, 07 Aug 2019
  • 33 
    - Keith Urban
    Mon, 05 Aug 2019
  • 32 
    - Michelle Payne
    Wed, 31 Jul 2019
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