Murdaugh Murders Podcast by Mandy Matney

Murdaugh Murders Podcast

For nearly 100 years, one family traded influence and held power in the South Carolina lowcountry until a fatal boat crash involving an allegedly intoxicated heir-apparent shed sunlight on a true crime saga like no-other.  Award winning journalist Mandy Matney of has been investigating the Murdaugh family since that fateful night in 2019. The now-infamous Murdaugh family is surrounded by seven criminal investigations into insurance fraud, obstruction of justice, the 2021 double homicides of Paul Murdaugh and his mother Maggie, the 2015 murder of young Stephen Smith, and the suicide-for-hire plot of family patriarch Alex Murdaugh. Matney's podcast provides unmatched insight into the horrific deaths, botched investigations and newly-uncovered crimes that are all interconnected.   Follow along with Matney's reporting in real time from South Carolina as her exclusive sources guide listeners on a journey to expose the truth wherever it leads. Listen on any streaming service or visit to learn more.  For current & accurate updates: or Support Our Mission: Support the Reporting:

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  • 19 
    - Alex Murdaugh Charged With 27 New Felonies And Why That Is A Big Deal (S1E19)
    Sun, 21 Nov 2021
  • 18 
    - How Many Crimes Will Alex Murdaugh Be Charged With? Part One (S1E18)
    Tue, 16 Nov 2021
  • 17 
    - Who Killed Stephen Smith? Part Four (S1E17)
    Wed, 10 Nov 2021
  • 16 
    - What Happened To The Money? Part One (S1E16)
    Thu, 04 Nov 2021
  • 15 
    - Was Alex Murdaugh Actually Shot? Part Two (S1E15)
    Wed, 27 Oct 2021

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