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The Voice of Hindi

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О Hindvani Radio

Hindvani Radio is a community radio station established by the Hindi Shiksha Sangh to promote the Hindi language and the Hindu culture in South Africa. It broadcasts to Durban and surrounding areas using the frequency 91.5 FM and to Pietermaritzburg on 102.3 FM. People all over the world can also listen live to its broadcast through the live stream service it provides on its website.

Hindvani Radio, also known as "Voice of Hindi", offers a line-up comprised of news reports, talk shows where the most relevant global and community issues are discussed, cultural and educational programmes about the Hindu culture and Hindi language, and light entertainment shows with a more relaxed interaction between the presenters and the audience through subjects such as the exchange of cooking recipes. The station also features music shows devoted to Hindi music and the latest Bollywood favourite hits. Its Top 50 and Top 20 charts are especially popular with listeners. 

Most popular DJs and presenters

  • Shaan Singh
  • Rameka Barsathy
  • Trishana Poliga
  • Renuja Barsathy
  • Shoba Mohangi
  • Samantha Maharaj
  • Ashok Kumar Dhanishwar – AKD

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Веб-сайт: www.hindvani.co.za

Адрес: 30 Oak Ave, Kharwastan, Chatsworth, 4092, South Africa

Телефон: +2731 401 1122

Эл. адрес: info@hindvani.co.za

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