Pregnant Teens by BBC Tees

Pregnant Teens

Philippa Goymer follows Nicole, Megan and Robyn through their pregnancies in Middlesbrough, a town with the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the UK.

Category: Society & Culture
  • 11 
    - EP10 “Don’t be scared.”
    Fri, 27 Dec 2019
  • 10 
    - EP09 “I admire these girls. Whatever age you are you’re always vulnerable”
    Fri, 20 Dec 2019
  • - E08:“We bought the milk off the shoplifters”
    Fri, 13 Dec 2019
  • - “I started my degree when I was living in a women’s refuge with the kids”
    Fri, 06 Dec 2019
  • - “The cord fell off so we’ve kept that”
    Fri, 29 Nov 2019
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