Chakra Talk, with Carly Mentlik, MA, LPCC, Spirituality for Kids, Mindfulness for Kids, Meditation for Kids by Carly Mentlik, Licensed Intuitive Therapist, Spirituality for Kids, Mindset for Kids

Chakra Talk, with Carly Mentlik, MA, LPCC, Spirituality for Kids, Mindfulness for Kids, Meditation for Kids

Hi there chakra kid!! I’m so happy you’re visiting The Chakra Kids Podcast! Do you ever wonder why the grownups around you practice yoga, fill the house with shiny crystals, light candles, or sit in silence for a loooong time- but when you ask them why they do these things- they can’t always explain it to you?! Well, the adults in your life love you sooo very much and that’s why they sent you here! They want you to discover all about the magic of the Universe, but sometimes they have a hard time explaining all these magical tools and ideas to you, so they sent me to show you the way! Hi! I’m Carly- I’m a licensed, intuitive therapist (kinda like a Magical Wizard) that helps kids like you connect to your inner power, listen to your heart, and share your voice- so you can grow up living the life of your dreams. Think of me as your mystic guide! I’ll not only help you discover the tools you’ll need to navigate your path- but also when and how to use them! Some of my favorite tools we’ll be using are mindfulness, essential oils, healing energy crystals, yoga, and Chakra Kids (those are my friends that help me show you how powerful you are)! Here at Chakra Talk, we will be talking about how to uncover your magic, and how to take the challenges in life, and turn it into peace and calm. I’ll introduce you to special ancient and mystical tools to help you on your quest of being and becoming the happiest human you can possibly be! So, grab your favorite snack and get cozy, (invite your grown-up to share in the fun), because magical, mystical adventures are about to begin! Dream big magical one! Carly Loving this episode and want to find more mindfulness activities for kids? Grab a grown-up and let’s connect! Instagram: @campchakrakids Facebook: Raising Chakra Kids YouTube: Chakra Kids Website:

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