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Babbage from The Economist

Named after Charles Babbage, a 19th-century polymath and grandfather of computing, Babbage is a weekly podcast on science and technology. Host Alok Jha talks to our correspondents about the innovations, discoveries and gadgetry making the news. Published every Tuesday by Economist Podcasts.

Radio: The Economist Radio
Category: News & Politics
  • 377 
    - Babbage: The short-sightedness epidemic
    Tue, 21 Jun 2022
  • 376 
    - Babbage: Is ketamine the next antidepressant?
    Tue, 14 Jun 2022
  • 375 
    - Babbage: Artificial intelligence enters its industrial age
    Tue, 07 Jun 2022
  • 374 
    - Babbage: Corals vs climate change
    Tue, 31 May 2022
  • 373 
    - Babbage: How to unlock the secrets of the universe—part two
    Tue, 24 May 2022
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