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Help! I Have A Teenager

Being a teenager has changed. A lot. There’s TikTok, vaping, d*ck pics, there are Snap maps, selfies and filters...and it's all a potential battlefield for parents where the stakes feel impossibly high. So welcome to some real parenting talk. As both clinicians and parents, Dr. Ginni Mansberg and clinical psychologist Jo Lamble know first-hand how challenging it can be to raise adolescents. This is why they're bringing their common-sense expertise to Mamamia’s Help! I Have A Teenager. Every week Dr. Ginni and Jo will be answering your questions, and you can submit them at 

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  • 162 
    - “My Teen Has Shut Me Out. What Do I Do?”
    Thu, 08 Jun 2023
  • 161 
    - Everything You Need To Know About Creatine
    Thu, 01 Jun 2023
  • 160 
    - Is It Possible For Your Teen To Take Risks, Safely?
    Thu, 25 May 2023
  • 159 
    - ‘My Partner Hates The Idea Of My Daughter Having A Boyfriend’
    Thu, 18 May 2023
  • 158 
    - The Reality Of Co-Parenting With A ‘Disney Dad’
    Thu, 11 May 2023
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