Radio Oum Kalthoum

Radio Oum Kalthoum

​The Star of the East

Over Radio Oum Kalthoum

Never has an Arab singer marked the history of Arab song in such an intensive way as Oum Kalthoum. Oum Kalthoum is a woman of great character, power and influence. With more than a hundred songs, she put all her energy to serve Arab culture at the expense of her own private life. She managed to introduce and make accessible beautiful texts, demanding poetry and fine literature to all Arab homes and beyond. From Ahmed Chawki to Ahmed Rami, she sang of love in all its forms, nation, nature, and human feelings in all their variations. Oum Kalthoum also inspired the most talented Arab composers: Ryad Sounbati, Mohamed Abdelwahab, Baligh Hamdi, Zakaria Ahmed, Mohamed El Kasabgi, Ahmed El Mougi, etc. She is at the helm of a great work which totally calls for a tribute radio dedicated to her art.






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