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WAR ROOM: Pandemic is the first and most comprehensive program to bring the most up to the minute information on the coronavirus pandemic and the news of the day. Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and more bring medical experts, politicians, business leaders, and those on the front lines for a comprehensive look at the latest news from all and provide their insider insights.

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  • 1794 
    - Episode 1,596 – How The Federal Reserve Destroyed The Economy And Your Life (w/ Miranda Devine, Ben Bergquam, Christopher Leonard, Dr. Peter Navarro)
    Thu, 27 Jan 2022
  • 1793 
    - Episode 1,595 – Wisconsin Biden Decirtification; Invasion Of Southern Border; Fight In Alaska (w/ Kelly Tshibaka, Timothy Ramthun, Kari Lake, Miranda Devine)
    Thu, 27 Jan 2022
  • 1792 
    - Episode 1,594 – Redistricting Victories; Breyer Retire Confirms Senate Flip; Powell Gets Nervous (w/ Boris Epshteyn, Joe Kent, Joe Allen)
    Wed, 26 Jan 2022
  • 1791 
    - Episode 1,593 – Massive Victory In Tennessee, Missouri, And New Mexico (w/ Eric Greitens, John Hurt, Adam Laxalt, Joe Allen)
    Wed, 26 Jan 2022
  • 1790 
    - Episode 1,592 – Anarchy, Chaos, Border Invasion: America, Not Ukraine (w/ Bernie Kerik, Todd Bensman)
    Wed, 26 Jan 2022
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