Smart Talks with IBM by Pushkin Industries and iHeartRadio

Smart Talks with IBM

Join Malcolm Gladwell, author and host of Revisionist History, as he talks to thought leaders and industry innovators to explore what it means to look at today's most challenging problems in a new way.

Kategoria: Tekniikka
  • - An Open Conversation about Open Innovation
    Thu, 29 Jul 2021
  • - Couch vs. cubicle: is the future of work hybrid?
    Thu, 03 Jun 2021
  • - Can AI be empathetic? Reinventing client experiences
    Thu, 27 May 2021
  • - Reshaping the Future with Women in AI
    Thu, 29 Apr 2021
  • - How 5G, Edge Computing and AI are Transforming Industries
    Thu, 25 Mar 2021
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