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Money Talks from The Economist

Take a seat at the table and learn about the biggest stories in financial markets, the economy and business. Each week our editors and correspondents explore how economics influences the world we live in and share their insights across a range of topics. From inflation and recession risk to all things crypto and even the commercial success of K-pop, we have you covered. Published every Thursday.

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Radio: The Economist Radio
Kategoria: Uutiset ja Politiikka
  • 455 
    - Money Talks: The great debt hangover
    Thu, 01 Jun 2023
  • 454 
    - Money Talks: Another way, another dollar?
    Thu, 25 May 2023
  • 453 
    - Money Talks: Why house prices are so stubbornly high
    Thu, 18 May 2023
  • 452 
    - Money Talks: Is the car industry running out of gas?
    Thu, 11 May 2023
  • 451 
    - Money Talks: A business podcast on the business of podcasts
    Thu, 04 May 2023
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