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ABOUT THE HOST: Yitzchok Saftlas, founder and president of Bottom Line Marketing Group has been producing pioneering creative marketing work for over two decades from his base in Brooklyn, New York. With his solid knowledge of marketing and advertising culled from his years of education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Mr. Saftlas leads a team of marketing experts in helping clients utilize a range of media to build their brands and grow their business. Saftlas has worked with hundreds of clients on non-profit, political and corporate projects, generating over $250,000,000 in revenue for them collectively. His notable clients include the likes of Select Brand, Allied and Michael Bloomberg. Often, his characteristic zest and enthusiasm has been attributed to his prodigious success on behalf of his clients. As a popular featured lecturer on marketing, Saftlas is invited to speak at various conferences and venues throughout the year. Recognized as an expert in getting results through marketing and advertising for businesses and non-profit organizations alike, he has delivered discourses on businesses and marketing for aspiring executives at conferences. Currently, he has over 7,500 engaged mailing contacts and a readership of over 3,500 individuals receiving his marketing e-newsletters on a monthly basis. His weekly column on marketing is featured in a national newspaper and is read by over 50,000 people.

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