TEAM LIFT | A Christian Podcast by Adam Diaz

TEAM LIFT | A Christian Podcast

Let’s face it, there are problems in this world! With news of negativity, fear and division seemingly at every turn, what are we to do? The brotherhood needs more positive and encouraging news. Join us as we refocus on our mission and visit how others are prospering even in times like these. Edification is a team sport. On the surface of the brotherhood, we appear divided and discouraged. We have a huge task, one of which requires a TEAM LIFT to build each other up and restore unity and hope to the church. Even Jesus needed help bearing up his cross, you’re not alone and we’re here to show you that! All glory to God!

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    - Team Lift Episode 32 Kyle Butt
    Mon, 14 Jun 2021
  • 32 
    - TEAM LIFT | Episode 31 Paul Mays
    Wed, 02 Jun 2021
  • 31 
    - TEAM LIFT Episode 30 Patrick Swayne
    Sun, 16 May 2021
  • 30 
    - TEAM LIFT Episode 29 Clifton Angel
    Sun, 02 May 2021
  • 29 
    - TEAM LIFT | Episode 28 Mark Teske
    Wed, 21 Apr 2021
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