Naked Archaeology, from the Naked Scientists by Diana O'Carroll

Naked Archaeology, from the Naked Scientists

Where did the Nazca Lines come from? Who built Stonehenge, and what secrets lie concealed within Egypt's pyramids? To find out, join the Naked Archaeologists as they undress the past...

Kategorie: Wissenschaft und Medizin
  • 35 
    - Landscapes: Drainage, Plants and Palaces
    Sun, 16 Oct 2011
  • 34 
    - Annual Round-Up of Archaeology
    Fri, 15 Jul 2011
  • 33 
    - Bayesian Prehistory, Surface Metals and Sea Defenses
    Thu, 23 Jun 2011
  • 32 
    - Detailed Science of Dating, Data and Ceramics
    Wed, 18 May 2011
  • 31 
    - Dam Busting, Ancient Archaeologists and Iron Age Fort Raids
    Tue, 19 Apr 2011
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