The Property Couch by Bryce Holdaway & Ben Kingsley

The Property Couch

In a casual ‘conversational’ style, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley talk all things property investing in Australia. Each week they explore relevant and topical ideas in a fun and interesting way forming a complete guide to Property, Finance & Money Management. From which property to buy, structuring your loan, SMART Money Management habits, investing mindset, finding the right property investment strategy to tips for bidding at an auction, Bryce and Ben aim to share their knowledge with you!

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  • 637 
    - 404 | What do Inflation, Interest Rates & Broccoli have to do with Property?!
    Thu, 18 Aug 2022
  • 636 
    - 403 | Do You Need a Buyers Agent in Today’s Market? (Part 2)
    Thu, 11 Aug 2022
  • 635 
    - 402 | Do You Need a Buyers Agent in Today’s Market? (Part 1)
    Thu, 04 Aug 2022
  • 634 
    - RBA Cash Rate August 2022: Inching Closer to a Neutral Cash Rate
    Tue, 02 Aug 2022
  • 633 
    - 401 | How Old is Too Old?! Refinancing, Retiring Debt & Starting Later in Life
    Thu, 28 Jul 2022
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