The Intuitive Listening Podcast by Anne-Louise Harbutt: Intuitive Spiritual Mentor

The Intuitive Listening Podcast

If you are a purpose-driven woman who wants to spend less time in her head, to stop constantly questioning herself, and instead trust what is in her heart and soul that makes her feel so expansive, then I would like to welcome you to The Intuitive Listening Podcast. My name is Anne-Louise, I am an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor and host of The Intuitive Listening Podcast. I help purpose-driven women to trust their intuition and their soul, so they develop unshakeable certainty in themselves, in their business and their future. Having spent most of my adult life appearing confident, chatty and in control. In my early 40’s – 3 engagements, 2 marriages and 1 divorce in, I discovered behind this façade lay years of self-criticism, no trust in myself and a feeling of disconnection from who I really was and what I wanted from my life. Feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, I made a commitment to do whatever it took to deepen my relationship with myself, The Universe and the life I wanted to create. My mission is to reconnect women to their true self and their natural intuition so they feel safe to trust themselves and the decisions they make in life and business. I am chatting to other amazing and empowered women, just like you, as they share how they have used their intuition, learned to trust themselves and pushed through their fear and resistance to reach the successful life they desire.

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  • 103 
    - TILP 103 - Abundance through Divine Receivership with Louisa North
    Mon, 27 Jun 2022
  • 102 
    - TILP 101 Say Yes to Your Soul with Essences, Poetry and the Moon with Jo Dyer
    Fri, 20 May 2022
  • 101 
    - TILP 100 - Using your Intuiton and Energy to Train Your Dog with Jo Wilson
    Tue, 10 May 2022
  • 100 
    - TILP 99 - Do You Wonder Why You have So Much in Your Life and Don't Feel Deeply Happy?
    Fri, 22 Apr 2022
  • 99 
    - TILP 98 - Trusting Yourself when you Feel Uncertain in your Business
    Thu, 07 Apr 2022
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