Full Spectrum Parent: a Faith-based Autism Podcast by Greg and Jessica Hurlbut

Full Spectrum Parent: a Faith-based Autism Podcast

The Full Spectrum Parent Podcast is the only faith-based autism parenting podcast on the web. As pastors and special needs parents, each episode we offer parents a dose of help, a dose of humor, and a dose of hope. Full Spectrum Parent is a part of the Christian Parenting Podcast Network. To find practical and spiritual advice to help you grow into the parent you want to be visit www.ChristianParenting.org

Категорія: Сім'я і діти
  • 42 
    - The Comparison Trap
    Thu, 16 Mar 2023
  • 41 
    - Pinch of Practicality: Teaching Responsibility
    Thu, 09 Mar 2023
  • 40 
    - ADHD Woes
    Thu, 02 Mar 2023
  • 39 
    - Managing Meltdowns
    Thu, 16 Feb 2023
  • 38 
    - Pinch of Practicality: Sleeping Independently
    Thu, 09 Feb 2023
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