Abide Bible Sleep Meditation by Abide Bible Sleep Meditation

Abide Bible Sleep Meditation

Fall asleep fast & get the healing deep sleep you need for your mind, body and soul with Abide Christian Bible sleep meditations.

⭐Abide is the #1 Bible app to stress less & sleep better. Join the millions of people who download the 4.9 star reviewed Abide app to reduce stress, improve sleep and experience the peace of God everyday.

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According to meditation research...
84% of Christians who meditate at least weekly have the strongest faith in God
81% of Christians who meditate at least weekly experience God's peace the most
Mindfulness meditations like Abide Christian meditations can measurably:
▶ Improve the quality and length of your life
▶ Reduce stress, blood pressure, pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictive impulses & cravings
▶ Grow brain density in regions responsible for memory, compassion, self-awareness and introspection

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