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The Roots

Free form Album Rock

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Led Zeppelin - I Can't Quit You Baby

I Can't Quit You Baby

Led Zeppelin 1614179914
Furry Friend - When I Talked to God

When I Talked to God

Furry Friend 1614179733
Toto - Hold the Line

Hold the Line

Toto 1614179412
Elton John - (Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket

(Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket

Elton John 1614179190
The Blues Brothers - Soul Man

Soul Man

The Blues Brothers 1614179010
String Driven Thing - Circus


String Driven Thing 1614178719
Robin Trower - Caroline


Robin Trower 1614178478
Automatic Man - My Pearl

My Pearl

Automatic Man 1614178257
Kenny Loggins - Don't Fight It

Don't Fight It

Kenny Loggins 1614177987
Donovan - Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch

Donovan 1614177696

The Roots Hakkında

At The Roots, we are the album collection you wish you still had. If you grew up listening to the radio in the late 1960s and 70s you remember listening to entire albums because the deep tracks were the songs you really connected with. Not the over played "hit" songs that ended up on Top 40 and Classic Rock stations. We dig deep into our collection of over 5,000 vinyl LPs and CDs to find those deep tracks you never seem to hear anymore. Come take a trip back to the first generation of Free Form Album Rock. Our DJs were there when it all started broadcasting on stations in St. Louis and Los Angeles.

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Adres: 1250 Hanley Ind Ct. St. Louis, MO 63144

Telefon: 314395-8918


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