2GB 873 AM

2GB 873 AM

Sydney's premier talk radio

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О 2GB 873 AM

2GB is a commercial radio station broadcasting on 873 kHz, AM in Sydney, Australia. The station's first broadcast took place in 1926. Seven years later, in 1933 it had the world's largest transcribed record library at the time and it became the first Australian station to play transcription records. The number 2 of the callsign refers to the state of New South Wales, which postcodes also start with 2. The two letters GB refer to an AM station and were chosen in honour of the Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno. 2GB features a news talk format.

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График работы

0:00 - 6:00Australia Overnight (weekends)
6:00 - 8:00The Garden Clinic
8:00 - 9:00The House of Wellness
9:00 - 14:00The Chris Smith Show
14:00 - 19:00The Continuous Call Team
19:00 - 21:00Healthy Living
21:00 - 0:00Sunday Nights with Bill Crews


Веб-сайт: www.2gb.com/

Адрес: Building C, 33-35 Saunders St Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia

Телефон: +61 131873

Эл. адрес: webmaster@2gb.com

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