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Lago Di Garda - Bolzano - Innsbruck - München - Augsburg! These are the Cosmic hot spots. Enjoy :)

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Kano - Ikeya Seki

Ikeya Seki

Kano 1614853143
Interfront - Strange (Acustic)

Strange (Acustic)

Interfront 1614852907
Dr. Alban - Stop the Pollution

Stop the Pollution

Dr. Alban 1614852677
Cirque du Soleil - Alegria


Cirque du Soleil 1614852424
Corrado - Bam Bam Swagg (Zorro Chang)

Bam Bam Swagg (Zorro Chang)

Corrado 1614852198
Carrapicho - Mundurucania


Carrapicho 1614848570
Vaffamix - Mamamia (feat. Dj Morru)

Mamamia (feat. Dj Morru)

Vaffamix 1614845319
Alabina - Alabina


Alabina 1614837794
Stefan Egger - Galaxy Univers

Galaxy Univers

Stefan Egger 1614834619
Bally Sagoo - Chura Liya

Chura Liya

Bally Sagoo 1614834089

About Cosmic In The Mix

Lago di Garda - Bolzano - Innbruck - Monaco di Baviera - Augusta! We continue to let legends play at our Cosmic In The Mix and ensure a consistently good mood. Look forward to a two-hour radio shows presented by DJ Ben with cult guest DJs from Italy, Austria and Germany. Among the founding fathers of Cosmic are Daniele Baldelli, T.B.C., Loda (Aka Beppe Loda, Discothek Typhoon in Brescia, Italy), DJ Mozart, Fabrizio Fattori, DJ Rubens, Ebreo, Yano, Spleen Club: Corrado DJ & DJ Stefan Egger. The origin of the new music genre was localized in Italy from the end of the 70's. In the discotheque Baia Degli Angeli in Gabicce Mare near Rimini DJ Rubens and DJ Mozart and later DJ Baldelli played the first beats mixed from funky sound, disco and Philadelphia sound, which were mixed to Afro-funky reggae sound. This new sound quickly spilled over to Lake Garda from 1980 onwards to the "Cosmic" disco, where DJ Baldelli, DJ T.B.C. and Marco Maldi made the new Cosmic Music known beyond the borders of Italy. The Cosmic wave spread in the 80s by leaps and bounds via Northern Italy to Austria and via Munich to Augsburg. Especially the South Tyrolean Stefan Egger exported the popular Cosmic Sound to Austria (Innsbruck) and Southern Germany (Munich). Egger mixed the original music style from Italy with slowly played techno, reggae, electronic music, world music and self-produced beats and grooves. From this point on Cosmic became danceable and suitable for the masses for a wide audience in the discos. At our cult show "Cosmic In The Mix" DJ Ben presents groovy mixes from the 90s and 2000s as well as guest DJs known in the scene like DJ Makah, DJ Chris DVM, DJ Baldelli, DJ Corado and many more. Even today Cosmic lives on and has developed into a kind of "world music". We at TONEART Radio continue to let legends play at our Cosmic In The Mix and ensure a consistently good mood at home in the living room, in the car or even in the office. Look forward to a two-hour radio show presented by DJ Ben from Augsburg with cult guest DJs from Italy, Austria and Germany.

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