Special Offer: myNews Pro Free Only Today

laatst geupdate op 14 juli 2015.

Special Offer: myNews Pro Free Only Today

myNews is the best way to read the news from more than 5000 newspapers from all over the world.

And only today you can have access to the Pro version of the app for FREE.

Download it here.

Are you away from your homeland and want to know what it’s happening there? Or are you just a curious person that likes to be on top of the last and best news?

Regardless of how you use it, you can always know what happens around the world in your native language for FREE with myNews.

myNews is the best to way to browse online newspapers from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. 

Other features include:

-Varied selection of your home country newspapers; 

-Get access to more than 5000 newspapers of the most renowned titles in the world, in more than 80 different countries, in their native language or in your language; 

-Search and filter newspapers by name, country, city and genre; 

-Have access to the top 100 most influential blogs in technology; 

-Automatic language translator for 60 different languages; 

-Listen to more than 1000000 podcasts in more than 80 different countries; 

-Add newspapers to your favorites list; 

-Archive the recent newspapers you have browsed through; 

-Share on Facebook or by e-mail.

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