Radio Srood

Radio Srood


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Shahreen Khan - Eid Mubaraq

Eid Mubaraq

Shahreen Khan 1615159840
Ghezaal Enayat - Qahramanan


Ghezaal Enayat 1615159448
Qais Ulfat - Bola Jan

Bola Jan

Qais Ulfat 1615158773
Sharafat Parwani - لیلا لیلا

لیلا لیلا

Sharafat Parwani 1615158474
Massih Ahmadzay - Nazoona


Massih Ahmadzay 1615158308
Mariam Wafa - Bano


Mariam Wafa 1615157482
Sharafat Parwani - لیلا لیلا

لیلا لیلا

Sharafat Parwani 1615157149
Nimma Rajashani - Kardi Kardi (feat. Miss Pooja)

Kardi Kardi (feat. Miss Pooja)

Nimma Rajashani 1615156924
Panjshanbe Maftoon - Namem Ba Namet (feat. Wasim Anwari)

Namem Ba Namet (feat. Wasim Anwari)

Panjshanbe Maftoon 1615156269
Nigina Amonqulova - Otash


Nigina Amonqulova 1615155807

Tentang Radio Srood

Radio Srood app is an internet radio station streaming live Afghan 
music 24/7 with high-quality music on your phone. Download our free 
Android app and enjoy listening to the latest Afghan music wherever 
you go in the world.


+ Music - Now you can listen to the latest Afghan music on the go
+ Offline Music - Now you can download music and listen offline 
without internet connections.
+ PamirTV - Watch Pamir TV live on RS app

Stay tuned, we are still developing the app and we promise we will add 
more features in the coming days.

We hope you enjoy our Android app. Please contact us if you have any 
suggestions or in case you had any difficulty using our app. We will 
appreciate your feedback.

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