The Michael Yardney Podcast | Property Investment, Success & Money by Michael Yardney; Australia's authority in wealth creation through property

The Michael Yardney Podcast | Property Investment, Success & Money

Are you looking for financial freedom or more choices in life? You're in the right place. Twice each week Michael Yardney shares smart property investment strategies as well as the success and personal finance secrets of the rich, in around 30 minutes. MIchael has been voted one of Australia's top 50 Influential Thought Leaders and while he is best known as a real estate investment expert, he is also Australia's leading expert in the psychology of success and wealth creation and a #1 best selling author of 9 books. Michael frequently challenges traditional finance advice with innovative ideas on property investing, personal finance and wealth creation. His wisdom stems from his personal experience and from mentoring over 2,000 business people, investors and entrepreneurs over the last decade. Michael's message will be priceless regardless of the size of your real estate investment portfolio - whether you're just starting out or an experienced investor wanting to move to the next level, he will provide you a roadmap for real estate investing and financial success.

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