David Bowie Tribute at Brit Awards

Last update on Feb. 25, 2016.

David Bowie Tribute at Brit Awards

Yesterday (February 24) the annual ceremony of Brit Awards took place in London.

As it happened in the Grammys, there was time for a special tribute to David Bowie.

But unlike the Gaga tribute who was described by David Bowie’s son as "overexcited or irrational" and "typically as a result of infatuation”, this time got his approval. 

The Brit Awards paid homepage to Bowie with a special presentation, a medley of Bowie’s hits and a cover of “Life On Mars” performed by Lorde.

Duncan Jones (David Bowie’s son) applauded and shared the tribute on his Twitter account, describing it as “Just… beautiful”.

Lorde sings Life On Mars in Bowie tribute at Brits

Lorde performs Life On Mars? in fitting tribute to David Bowie at the BRIT Awards after he called her the "future of music".Was it better than Lady Gaga's Bowie tribute at The GRAMMYs? Tell us what you think below:

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