Top 40 Songs is the "Most Wanted" Top

Last update on March 2, 2016.

Top 40 Songs is the "Most Wanted" Top

Now, All Tops Are On Us!

1960 was the date of birth of the term “Top 40”. This list of songs shared the common characteristic of being newly released and were either surveyed by a radio station or publication. The term gradually became associated to the vernacular of popular music to the point that these days people just love to check tops for everything, isn’t that so?

Knowing this the myTuner Radio website has recently created a menu on its website called “Charts”. In it you can find 5 types of Tops: The today’s Top 10, the most played on the radio, the new songs on Top 100, the local artists Top 40 songs and the Top 40 songs of 2015. Of these, the two tops most accessed by users this week were the local artists Top 40 songs and the 2015’s Top 40 songs. This month on the Top 40 songs of local artists were themes like “My House” by Florida, in the first position; Selena Gomez with “Hands to MySelf”, in second place; Thomas Rhett with “Die a Happy Man” in third place. Mike Posner came out in fourth with “ I Took a Pill in Ibiza” and Kevin Gates in fifth with “2 Phones”.

On the other hand, on the Top 40 songs of 2015 you can find “The Weekend” with the songs Can’t Feel my Face and “The Hills” in the first and second place respectively. Drake follows in third place with the “Hotline Bling” song; Rich Homie Quan comes next in fourth place with “Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)” and Walk the Moon is in fifth with “Shut up and Dance”.

On myTuner Radio’s website you can also check the “Today’s Top 10”. Despite saying Top 10, it allows you to check as far as 40 songs. The same applies for the “Most played on the radio” allowing you to check the top 40 songs most played on our apps. Last but not least, on the myTuner’s website you can listen to a 30 second sample of the Top 40 songs of local artists, of the 2015’s Top 40 songs and all the other tops available. Plus, if you enjoy the songs you can download them through myTuner Radio’s website!

If you want to take a glimpse of what’s going on myTuner Radio, just check the Tops. After all, there’s no need to grumble about the frequent usage of tops nowadays, because they are useful! So, just go to our website and check the local artists Top 40 songs, the Today’s Top 10, the most played songs on myTuner Radio, the new songs on Top 100, or even the 2015’s Top 40. Be informed, filter by genre and country, compare, listen and buy the songs you like and be on top of the music world with myTuner Radio!

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