New Sara Bareilles’ album is out on Nov. 6

Last update on Sept. 24, 2015.

New Sara Bareilles’ album is out on Nov. 6

You don’t have to wait much longer for the new Sara Bareilles’ studio album.

November 6th is the release date for  her forth studio album “What’s Inside: Songs From Waitress”.

This album will include songs from the new musical for which Bareilles wrote music and lyrics, the “Waitress”.

This musical project brought great satisfaction to the artist, Sara said “I fell more deeply in love with the writing of the musical Waitress than I had ever imagined, (…) It proved impossible for me to imagine handing over the songs to the show before selfishly finding a way to sing them myself. This is a deliciously self-indulgent project and I'm sorry, I'm not sorry.”

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