Icona Pop will be the nannies for Louis Tomlinson’s baby

Last update on July 16, 2015.

Icona Pop will be the nannies for Louis Tomlinson’s baby

The Swedish duo Icona Pop, best known for their hit “I Love It” that reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100, have been touring with One Direction.

The two artists are the only opening act for OD’s tour currently and they’re loving it.

Caroline Hjet said “When you go on tour, it’s such a big circus, but you become pretty close with everyone”.

The duo is also pretty excited with their new EP, which features three new songs and will be released this month.

If the new work doesn’t work well, the Swedish ladies have already a new job in mind. With the announcement of OD’s Louis Tomlinson will be a father the duo offered her services as nannie “Oh my God, congrats to him (…) We are happy for him if he's happy. We are very good nannies. We love babies.”. 😛

Be cool girls, we’re sure that this new songs will be awesome!

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