Radio Srood

Radio Srood


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Najim Nawabi - Madar


Najim Nawabi 1615051334
Ajmal Zahin - Zeba Dokhtarak

Zeba Dokhtarak

Ajmal Zahin 1615051102
Khaled Kayhan - Pari Pari

Pari Pari

Khaled Kayhan 1615050891
Ahmad Zahir - Maihan Ay Maihan

Maihan Ay Maihan

Ahmad Zahir 1615050427
Rahim Shah - Yaara Zama Sta Yam Negara Zama

Yaara Zama Sta Yam Negara Zama

Rahim Shah 1615049525
Tawab Arash - Baa tu Basham

Baa tu Basham

Tawab Arash 1615048977
Ajmal Zahin - Bia Ke Borem Ba Mazar

Bia Ke Borem Ba Mazar

Ajmal Zahin 1615048464
Aria Band - Gonjeshkake Telayee

Gonjeshkake Telayee

Aria Band 1615047679
Ómar Ragnarsson - Ást, Ást, Ást

Ást, Ást, Ást

Ómar Ragnarsson 1615047468
Valy - Dooset Daram

Dooset Daram

Valy 1615046803

À propos de Radio Srood

Radio Srood app is an internet radio station streaming live Afghan 
music 24/7 with high-quality music on your phone. Download our free 
Android app and enjoy listening to the latest Afghan music wherever 
you go in the world.


+ Music - Now you can listen to the latest Afghan music on the go
+ Offline Music - Now you can download music and listen offline 
without internet connections.
+ PamirTV - Watch Pamir TV live on RS app

Stay tuned, we are still developing the app and we promise we will add 
more features in the coming days.

We hope you enjoy our Android app. Please contact us if you have any 
suggestions or in case you had any difficulty using our app. We will 
appreciate your feedback.

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