Kairos Broadcasting Services (KBS)

Kairos Broadcasting Services (KBS)

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Tyylilajit: Christian, Religious

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Judith Babirye - Namulondo


Judith Babirye 1600911680
Wilson Bugembe - Omukisa


Wilson Bugembe 1600911275
Bbosa Joseph - Jangu


Bbosa Joseph 1600910590
Fight price - Art Skills

Art Skills

Fight price 1600908515
Judith Babirye - Hosana


Judith Babirye 1600907055
Judith Babirye - Wanjagala


Judith Babirye 1600903516
Pastor Wilson Bugembe - Nakowola Mukama

Nakowola Mukama

Pastor Wilson Bugembe 1600903257
Levixone - Edoboozi


Levixone 1600903076
Simphiwe Ngoma - Ofana Naye

Ofana Naye

Simphiwe Ngoma 1600902440
Pastor Wilson Bugembe - Bamuyita Yesu

Bamuyita Yesu

Pastor Wilson Bugembe 1600898975

Noin Kairos Broadcasting Services (KBS)

Kairos Broadcasting Services (KBS) is a spiritual & christian radio programming service in Uganda, East Africa operated by the Robert Kaahwa Ministries. The radio exists to provide inspirational preaching and teaching saturated with gospel music in all genres with the passion to reach the lostat all cost, and with the intention of raising disciples who disciple others.

Käyttäjien luokitus:


Verkkosivusto: https://robertkaahwa.org

Osoite: P.O. Box 463 Masindi, Uganda

Puhelin: +256778608642

Sähköpostiosoite: radio@robertkaahwa.org

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