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Moneyshot Cosmonauts - Pr-pr-pr-procreate


Moneyshot Cosmonauts 1600350364
Wilson Bugembe - Katonda


Wilson Bugembe 1600346483
Junju Ronald - Togwamu Maanyi

Togwamu Maanyi

Junju Ronald 1600345963
Judith Babirye - Butonotono (feat. Morgan Isaac)

Butonotono (feat. Morgan Isaac)

Judith Babirye 1600345216
Judith Babirye - Omukisa Gwa Mukama

Omukisa Gwa Mukama

Judith Babirye 1600344506
Pastor Wilson Bugembe - Nvunama Gyoli

Nvunama Gyoli

Pastor Wilson Bugembe 1600344196
Judith Babirye - Ndi Kawoonawo

Ndi Kawoonawo

Judith Babirye 1600343922
Judith Babirye - Namulondo


Judith Babirye 1600343345
Wilson Bugembe - Omukisa


Wilson Bugembe 1600342945
Bbosa Joseph - Jangu


Bbosa Joseph 1600342248

Über Kairos Broadcasting Services (KBS)

Kairos Broadcasting Services (KBS) is a spiritual & christian radio programming service in Uganda, East Africa operated by the Robert Kaahwa Ministries. The radio exists to provide inspirational preaching and teaching saturated with gospel music in all genres with the passion to reach the lostat all cost, and with the intention of raising disciples who disciple others.



Webseite: https://robertkaahwa.org

Adresse: P.O. Box 463 Masindi, Uganda

Telefon: +256778608642

E-mail: radio@robertkaahwa.org

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