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Sandy Rios in the Morning

Sandy Rios can be heard on AFR Talk Monday through Friday from 7:00AM - 8:00AM CST.

Radio: AFR Talk 91.7 FM
Kategorie: Nachrichten und Politik
  • 1891 
    - Guest Host Fred Jackson: Discussed Border Crisis, Interviewed Gary Bauer on Legislation Upcoming, and Talked To Listeners
    Fri, 05 Mar 2021
  • 1890 
    - House Passes HR1 By Party Line Vote, Left Continues To Attack Non-Mask Wearers, and Your Emails on Show Suggestions
    Thu, 04 Mar 2021
  • 1889 
    - FBI Director Wray Says No Evidence Of ANTIFA Involved In Jan. 6 Incident, Sam Sorbo Discusses Her Book "Words For Warriors" , and TX and MS Removed Mask Mandates and Open Their States
    Wed, 03 Mar 2021
  • 1888 
    - CPAC Recap Including Mask Nazis, Michigan May Have Returned Nursing Home Patients Like New York, and Southern Baptist President Convention J.D Greear Talks About Closet Racists
    Tue, 02 Mar 2021
  • 1887 
    - Interview with Andy Ngo On ANTIFA And His Experience
    Mon, 01 Mar 2021
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