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Francesco Malaguti - Mal Comunque Mezzo Gaudio

Mal Comunque Mezzo Gaudio

Francesco Malaguti 1618293123
Francesco Malaguti - Faust and the Shadow

Faust and the Shadow

Francesco Malaguti 1618292905
Brist - Prelude


Brist 1618292782
Leo Sestili - Premises


Leo Sestili 1618292673
Leo Sestili - Aurora


Leo Sestili 1618292347
DeLord - Lola corre (Remastered)

Lola corre (Remastered)

DeLord 1618292119
Francesco Malaguti - Alterity


Francesco Malaguti 1618291986
Giampiero Gemini - The Kite (L'Aquilone)

The Kite (L'Aquilone)

Giampiero Gemini 1618291784
Gregorio Lambranzi - Entre


Gregorio Lambranzi 1618291570
Gerolamo Sacco - Destination Gerolandia

Destination Gerolandia

Gerolamo Sacco 1618291266

Om Radio Miraloop

Radio Miraloop is an original and eclectic radio station. Thanks to the connection with Miraloop Records, record company made of four independent record labels, Radio Miraloop propose an original 24/7 radio stream with many Radio Shows and Daily Programs, each one dedicated to a specific music genre and atmosphere. The music comes from Miraloop Records' music catalogue. Radio Miraloop is the first radio station that produces the music it plays. Enjoy!

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